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Mission Statement

SoundSwell's mission is to elevate the action and water sports experience by enabling our community to bring their music where it has never been before.

We believe the integration of music with the action sports experience will help athletes like you spend more time connecting with nature and pushing the boundaries of your personal progression. 

Who we are

The birthplace of SoundSwell is a top public school in the US and a place that SURFER Magazine dubbed the #1 surf college in the world — University of California, San Diego.

With Blacks Beach in our backyard, long walks between our freshman dorms and pre-lecture surf sessions prompted the need for entertainment along the way. Considering the California commonalities of year-round wetsuit use, widespread “surfer’s ear,” and consistent swells, our team of engineers set out to design the world’s first water sports headphones.

Out of this iterative and rewarding process came a product that could withstand powerful waves, protect our ears from the elements, and bring life to the silences in between sets. Most importantly, we discovered a new ocean experience that we could share with the world.

What we believe

SoundSwell’s mission is to inspire stoke by creating memorable experiences through the integration of music and the ocean-dwelling lifestyle. Our waterproof earbuds enable action sports enthusiasts, adventurers, and thrill-seekers to stay tuned in and out of the water. We want to inspire and provide a new, exciting experience for all water sports fanatics.

We seek to seamlessly integrate music into the way people experience their passions. In doing so, our goal is to ignite your enthusiasm and inspire creativity by making your adventures the best they can be. To do this in the modern era of streaming and audio entertainment, our commitment to innovation is an absolute necessity.

What we make

Wind, waves, saltwater, sand — ocean dwellers need a product that can handle it all. Rest assured, your SoundSwell waterproof Bluetooth headphones are built to face the elements. With an IPX8 water resistance rating, a strong Bluetooth connection, excellent sound quality, and an eight-hour battery life, SoundSwell headphones are built to last for aquatic activities like surfing and wakeboarding. 

At SoundSwell, we’ve worked hard to bring you a new ocean experience. Our waterproof product design is driven by three key principles: an intuitive user experience, a secure fit, and excellent audio quality in and out of the water. Our debut product, the SoundSwell Smartwatch Series, transforms your Apple Watch waterproof smartwatch for an optimal aquatic audio experience.

By offering a sleek, secure, and comfortable wearable design, SoundSwell waterproof headphones enable surfers and other water sports enthusiasts to take their favorite music streaming services along for the ride.